Friday, August 11, 2023


Easter Cookies

I can't believe how far behind I am on my blogging. My life took a bit of a roller-coaster ride in May, and I'll get to that eventually, but first I want to do a few catch-up posts.

Like most people, once March rolls around we're all ready for the winter weather to end and Spring to really arrive. Planning something fun to do in March helps, and for us this year it was going to Niagara Falls for a night to see Bret Michael's perform at Fallsview Casino with friends. 

Bar Barista Cocktail and Coffee Bar

Before meeting up with Brian and Amanda we discovered Bar Barista, a great place for coffee, a drink or some small plates to share. I fell in love with this place, so much so we visited three times in less then 24 hours! 

We met up with Brian and Amanda and their kids for dinner and drinks at Margaritaville before the adults went to the concert. Their oldest was sibling sitting back at the hotel. We enjoyed the concert and our time at Bar Barista after. We went for Whoppers at 2am, it's been years since we stayed up that late! 

A collage of our Niagara Falls fun.

The end of March saw my life long friend, Cathy, in Toronto, as it was her last appointment regarding a health issue. We were all sad that this was her last visit but made the most of it.

Rob, Cathy, and I enjoying our time together.

April gave us a long Easter weekend and we took advantage of that. Enjoyed a dinner at my Cousin Andi's place, and on another day we went out on a walk in search of Eastern Bluebirds with friends and enjoyed a meal at a favorite restaurant, Cascata.    
Success, we found an Eastern Bluebird on our outing! 

Another yummy meal at Cascata.

The Easter Bunny always finds us.

Boop, our backyard Chipmunk provided lots of April entertainment. 

Early migrants found on April weekends. 

And to end the month, Merry and Molly celebrated their 8th birthday! A cake was made for their humans to enjoy, and they received new scratching pads, though they sometimes use it as a bed. 

Merry and Molly celebrated their 8th birthday April 30th.

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