Thursday, January 22, 2009


We all have them in our lives, people we don't know, maybe not even their names, but expect to see at certain places and sometimes share a few friendly words with. Could be your favorite cashier at your local grocery store, the UPS guy at work, or the people you wait with every morning at the bus stop.

I lived in the Manulife apartments for thirteen years, and had a lot of these people in my life. The people who worked the front desk, the cashiers at Valu-Mart and Pharma-Plus, even the other residents of the building I got to know just by riding the elevator every day. All these "stranger friends" gave me a sense of community and my area a neighborhood feeling. Sometimes these people were the only human contact I had throughout the day, and a meaningful hello or smile meant more to me then they even know.

It's been five months now since I moved in with Rob to another part of the city, and I'm starting to make some stranger friends around here now too. Some of the staff at Loblaws recognize Rob and I on our weekly shopping trips, the bus drivers, and the crossing guard at the end of the street. She makes me feel like a child again, crossing the street with me. Today she started waving her arms at me when she saw me walking up the street, knowing I'd miss the bus that was coming if I didn't run to catch it. ( I ran, and I caught it, saving me a 15 minute wait til the next one)

These small interactions we have on a sometimes daily basis can really make your day, and a simple act of kindness can mean more to someone then you'll ever know.


Teena in Toronto said...

What a great crossing guard!

I don't have any friendly strangers and I've lived here for seven years. I don't go out much in my 'hood ... maybe that's why.

Tee said...

This is so true, Ang... many of my neighbors here I know by sight or to say hello. I've even made a real friend :)