Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a wonderful Easter weekend full of family, friends and nature.

My long weekend fun started right after work on Thursday when I met a friend, Jenn, for a coffee. After coffee, I walked over to have a visit with another friend, Amanda and her little boy, Finn. Next I was off to Hernando's Hideaway to meet yet another girlfriend, Darlene, for some Mexican food before seeing a movie together. We went to see "I Love You Man". It was ok, had some laughs.

Friday morning and afternoon were pretty lazy, just relaxing at home. Rob wasn't feeling the greatest. Later in the afternoon we went over to his best friends place, Chris's for fish and chips and lots of other goodies. This is the fourth year in a row we've gone there on Good Friday, it's a tradition now. Their like family to us, and we always have a great time with Chris and his extended family.

Saturday morning we were at Loblaws at 8AM to get groceries over with for the week. I went in my pajama bottoms and flip flops thinking it would be quiet at that time of the morning, wrong! It was very busy, guess a lot of other people had the same idea. Later that afternoon we went over to Rob's parents for an early Easter dinner with some of his family. His Mom made a roast turkey with all the fixins, it was really good.

Sunday morning after checking out the Easter goodies the Easter Bunny left we went to Cora's for brunch and then to Riverwood Park to check it out for the first time and see if the birding was any good. It was! We both had a chick-a-dee land in our hand for some seed, and we saw lots of different birds. We will be going back there in the near future hoping to see some of the migratory birds that don't make stops in the city.

After returning home we tried to have a quick nap, but Meadow (our cat) didn't like that idea and kept jumping on us, we got up and went out in the yard. I had a ham in the slow cooker, and made scalloped potatoes and steamed some peas to go with it.

After dinner Amanda and Lisa stopped by to pick up some books and we had a quick visit. After they left I had a bath and got ready for bed. Rob and I watched some TV together before heading to bed. It was such a nice long weekend I was sorry o see it come to an end.


Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! Busier than ours!

We went to No Frills on Saturday about 11ish. It was freakin' insane!!! I wasn't stylin' like you wearing jammy bottles and flip flops, though.

Jo-Anne said...

Very cool that you visited Riverwood Park out here in Mississauga. I go there birding quite often!