Friday, April 23, 2010


A male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Yes, they do exist!

I work across from Queens Park, right in the heart of Toronto, not really a place one would expect to come across a variety of birds. But after hearing about a few sightings, and finding out that a lot of migratory birds pass through in April and May, I decided to go have a look.

I spent my lunch break there yesterday and probably will now every nice day until the end of May, I was amazed at the variety of birds hanging about. Some of them will stay until fall, and others are just stopping in for a rest on their way further north.

All pictures in this blog post are of birds I saw yesterday and images are from Google images. If you live in downtown Toronto why not head over to Queens Park and see what you can spot!

A Chipping Sparrow, they have a beautiful song and spend a lot of time on the ground.

A Ruby-crowned Kinglet. They will head further north for the summer.

A Northern Flicker. They love to eat ants!

A Golden-crowned Kinglet. Like the Ruby-crowned, they are just having a rest here before heading further north.


Pascale Duhamel said...

You probably know that bunches of White-throated Sparrow go through Queen's park and the UofT campus during migration time. They're probably already around. Look on the grounds and around the neo-gothic Victoria residences behind the PIMS!

Teena in Toronto said...

I wish I had a park I could spend my lunchtime in.