Monday, September 19, 2011


I surprised Rob with a birthday cake when we stopped for coffee in the afternoon.

After leaving the wildlife centre a little after noon we went up the road a bit to a rest stop and had our picnic lunch and headed on our way again, stopping at Tim Horton's in Huntsville before entering Algonquin Park.

The first stop in Algonquin Park was the "Visitor Centre", where I ended up doing quite a bit of shopping; 2 T-shirts, a hoodie, postcards, Christmas cards and some bookmarks.

After leaving the visitor center we did one trail, "Spruce Bog". It's not a long trail and it's where we first saw and hand fed Gray Jays. Alas, no Gray Jays this time. The trail was pretty quiet, but it was still a nice walk.

This Red Squirrel was the only critter we encountered on our first trail in Algonquin.

After doing the Spruce Bog trail we decided to go find our B & B for the night, "Forest Lodge B & B", and then go get some dinner.

The cozy room and comfortable bed where I fell asleep so quickly I missed hearing the wolf pack howling the first night.

Where we had our two delicious breakfasts both mornings. Right outside the window is a huge bird feeder.

We found the B & B easily and after getting settled, went back into the town of Whitney to a local restaurant for dinner. The Mad Musher may not look like much, but the food was really good.

We saw this Great Blue Heron along the roadside on our way to get dinner, he was hunting for his.

After dinner we went back to the B & B and enjoyed a drink in front of the fireplace and bit of conservation with Dave, the B & B owner and fellow birder, before turning in for a much needed good nights rest.

To Be Continued....