Monday, May 7, 2012


Today was our first week day of vacation, but instead of sleeping in we were on the road before 6:30am heading over to Ruthven Park, a national historic site that also plays hosts to a wonderful bird banding station.

Last Spring I got all gung-ho about becoming a "bird bander", and we were over a few times and banded and released a few birds under the chief banders guidance. It's delicate, important and amazing work, holding the many different species and getting to see them so up close and personal.

But, somethings happened to me and I haven't banded or released a bird since my Mom got diagnosed with brain cancer last year. I know the two have nothing to do with one another, but my Mother's illness and passing has effected me in ways I am still dealing with.

Rick (The Chief Bander) tried to hand me a Palm Warbler today, to release, and I couldn't do it, I got too nervous about hurting the little bird, Rob released him. I know I have to get over this fear, and Rick is the guy to help me do it. He's patient and walks you through the whole process, but I'm not ready yet.

This was our third trip over this year, and we had a great morning exploring the grounds and visiting the banding station. We saw lots of animals today as well as birds, including; beaver, deer, chipmunks,  and 2 rabbits!      

One of our first sightings of the day!

The Purple Martins have returned for another season.

This Purple Martin wanted a quieter dwelling.
Grey Catbird, a spring favorite.

A beaver swam by us down at the river.

Mama Killdeer sitting on her eggs.
   On our way home from Ruthven we stopped into another park and had a couple great sightings.

First Great Blue Heron of the season!

Interesting nesting spot this Great Horned Owl chose.

It was another great vacation day!

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