Monday, July 1, 2013


Looking for birds, butterflies and dragonflies on Canada Day.
 Our Canada Day long weekend was restful and mostly spent at home enjoying our backyard, just like we wanted it to be.

We started the long weekend Friday night by finally cracking the bottle of Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum that I had in my possession for almost 2 weeks. Kenny Chesney, the Country Super Star, recently got into the rum making business, the rum is not yet available in Canada, but I had my resources. And just in case I get to talk to the man, who I am seeing in concert on August 15th, I wanted to be able to tell him what I thought of it. It's delicious!!

Enjoying a glass of Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum to start the long weekend.
Saturday afternoon our friend, Patty, came over to spend the afternoon, early evening with us. We all thoroughly enjoyed the weather and furry and feathered friends that call our yard home. We had barbeque burgers, corn on the cob, and I made a Nova Scotia dessert, Blueberry Grunt, that Patty had for the first time.  All of Saturday's pics were snapped by Patty.

Rob and his Princess, Fuzzy Butt, oops,  I mean, Meadow.

Me giving my main squeeze a squeeze!
Meadow eying Rob's burger.
Pierre showed up for a visit much to Patty's delight.
Me having a chat with Meadow, she is not amused. LOL!!!

Sunday morning I walked over to the bakery shortly after it opened to buy us some chocolate croissants to enjoy with our morning coffee.  It was another restful day in the backyard with our furry and feathered family. 

Wedding gift from Darlene got used this weekend for the first time, bug free coffee, Yay!!
My Sunday lunch.
Misfit and Moonie on the table, Meadow under it.

After spending 2 days at home we decided to head out Monday morning for some birding. We went to Cold Creek Conservation Area where we had many views of Indigo Buntings and enjoyed the singing of a very vocal House Wren. We also had fun chasing butterflies and dragonflies around.

A beautiful, male Indigo Bunting. 
A very vocal House Wren sings atop his house.
A White Admiral Butterfly.
The long weekend is coming to an end and we very much enjoyed it. Happy Canada Day everyone! 

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Dan said...

I think you had a wonderful day. As for the evening... it may involve more... more squeezing. lol

Happy Canada Day !