Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Photo of baby Opossums from the TWC Facebook page.
This past Sunday Rob and I joined three of our friends, Murray, Debbie and Patty to check out the Toronto Wildlife Centre annual open house. Rob had been once before, but it was the first time for the rest of us, and we were all looking forward to it.

I was immediately impressed with how organized it was. There were many display tables; educational, merchandise, refreshments and volunteers and staff on hand to answer questions.

The tour started with a short slide presentation that was very interesting. You learned the history of the centre and about the many programs and services they provide, including; rescue, recovery,  rehabilitation and hopefully, release. They also offer educational out reach programs to various other organizations. 

After the presentation we were given a behind the scenes tour, and it reminded me very much of a hospital. Our guide, Lisa, was awesome. She was very "matter of fact" and didn't candy coat anything, and I liked that. She was also willing to answer any questions we had, and we all learned something new. I came away with a greater appreciation of all that goes on there, and have a great respect for the people who work and volunteer there.

The opossums pictured above are 2 of 9 siblings that were brought into the centre after they were found clinging to their dead mother, who had been struck by a car. We were able to watch the unfortunate, but adorable critters climb around in their cage and sleep in a "pile of possum" in their hammock through one way glass.   

Start of the slide show.
Display table.
Containers of various turtle eggs that will be released after they hatch. How cool is that!?
Who knew Grackles would eat scrambled eggs?!
The eye of a Sandhill Crane through his inclosure. He's recovering from a broken leg.
 I'm sad places like this are needed, but grateful that they exist. Rob and I are proud to be monthly sponsors. 
Debbie, Murray, myself and Rob after the tour. Pic by Patty!
Footnote:  During our tour we noticed that a Peregrine Falcon had been admitted the day before. All of us being Canadian Peregrine Foundation volunteers had us immediately curious and upset. Seeing our concern, and only because it was Open House, we were able to watch some the of falcons exam through the window and the vet even took some time to go over the X-rays with us. We were to find out it was a falcon known to us, and more so to Murray, Debbie and Patty, who participate in "Fledge Watch" where the falcon, Kendal, is from. His injuries are serious, but he is in good hands and we all wish him a speedy recovery so he can get back to his nest site in the east end of the city.

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