Thursday, August 1, 2013


Rob and his Mom before the show.
 Last Saturday night we took Rob's Mom to see Whitesnake at Casino Rama. This isn't the first time we've all gone to a rock concert together, we all went to see Joan Jett there a couple years back. Jane, (Rob's Mom) is a long time rock 'n 'roll fan and has seen bands like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC (with Bon Scott) in concert. She's trying to get out to more shows lately, as there are still quite a few bands she wants to see live for the first time, like Whitesnake.

Before the show.
Picture of the screen, but I like how it turned out.
We had pretty decent seats for the show, but not floors and I only had the power shot camera with me, so no great photos. Fortunately. a rock and roll acquaintance, James O'Connell, saw Whitesnake the night before the Rama show in London and has allowed me to share a few of the awesome photos he captured. Please enjoy a few of Jame's pics:

Looking fine at 62 and not sounding bad either.
I swear, "Animal" from The Muppet's is based on this guy, Tommy Aldridge.
Doug, "The Hottie" Aldrich.
Reb Beach (also in Winger) and Michael Devin. 

It was a fun night, wonder who we'll all go see next!?

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