Wednesday, August 7, 2013


A gorgeous sunrise at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Scarborough. 
We hadn't been to Rosetta McClain Gardens since Big Frank's passing and with the 10th Anniversary of his "Hawk Watch" there, it was important to me to be there for a sunrise. I wanted to view a sight that he had witnessed so many mornings.

So, on the holiday Monday, Rob and I were out of bed at 4am on the road by 5am. It was a difficult walk to the fence, I had never walked there without Big Frank being at the other end to greet me. Instead we were greeted by the sound of a "choir of Cardinals" singing, it was blissful. The sun rose right on time and it was spectacular!

Walter joined us a couple hours later and we spent a lovely morning enjoying the park. I didn't see any hawks, but had a grand time chasing butterflies, watching the bunnies and looking at song birds. 

Rob at the fence where Big Frank always stood.
It was nice to see his picture still hanging on the fence.
Mama and baby Bunny.
I enjoyed seeing the Monarch Butterflies at the park.
We don't get to Rosetta Gardens often, but we always enjoy the time we spend there, and I know we can always find Big Frank's spirit there.

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cori said...

Angie I'm glad you and Rob had that intimate time there with your memories of Frank. You've got me in tears leaving this comment to you. That is a very special park for a number of reasons the Hawk Watch, the wildlife, the beautiful gardens, friends and of course the memories. I hope you find your way there more often this migration season, I'd love to see you.