Saturday, August 24, 2013


My favorite shot from August 15th, 2013 - Molson Amphitheatre - Toronto.
I've been a Kenny Chesney fan for many years, but finally saw him live for the first time a week ago Thursday night. Buying a ticket was a spur of the moment decision and I decided to do the VIP package for the show. Lady Luck was with me and I ended up with a front row centre seat.

The VIP party started early, and I met some very nice people to hang out with until the concert started. I'd only ever done VIP for Def Leppard before, but I gotta admit, the food and the merchandise for Kenny's VIP package was scales above the Leps.  

Lot's of beach themed places to take pics in the VIP area. 
Sheila, our bartender, kept me and my new friends very hydrated.
Shortly after arriving in the VIP area and picking up my merchandise I grabbed a table to sit and have a few drinks and some dinner. Good music was playing and it was a nice pre-concert  atmosphere. I was joined by a really nice couple from Barrie, that also had Maritime roots, and later in the afternoon we were joined by Marie and Eva, who were a blast to hang out with.

Marie, Myself and Eva, I'd hang with these two again anytime!
Time for the concert! I gotta say, after listening to Kenny almost daily for the 3 months leading up to the concert, and being a fan for years, he kinda took my breath away when he hit the stage. I couldn't really believe I was going to be able to sing along with him live, and not just in my kitchen!

It was an awesome concert, no fancy light show or pyrotechnics, he doesn't need them, he's a energy ball all on his own. I like that his songs range from that classic country feel, to rock, to music that makes you feel like you're sitting on beach somewhere warm. I'm so glad I went!

I don't take a lot of pics at concerts, as I want to enjoy the show, I had my camera out for 2 songs and then packed it away. I have no pics of him looking at me, because when Kenny was singing to me, I didn't want to be rude and put a camera in his face, as I was that close. Here are a few I took.

I can't do a blog about Kenny and not talk about his rum! When I found out this spring that he has a new rum out called Blue Chair Bay, I had to try it. It's only available in the USA, but lucky for me, a summer student at work was back and forth to Buffalo and was able to grab me a few bottles of the coconut flavour and friends also brought me back a bottle of the coconut spiced. I cannot stress how good this rum is, Rob and I are both huge fans and look forward to the day it's available here in Canada. Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum has definitely been our drink of choice this summer.

I also need to mention Kenny's online radio station, No Shoes Radio. I love this station and it is now my station of choice while at work and home. Where else could I hear AC/DC, Def Lep, Tesla and George Jones all on the same radio station!! They also play lots of Kenny and music with some "island flavour". You never know what you're going to hear, but it's a great mix!

Kenny, thank you for the music, the radio and the rum!!

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