Thursday, September 19, 2013


We found a better use for our cabin's porch ashtray, we filled it with peanuts for the many Chipmunks!
For the past few years, Rob and I have been spending his birthday weekend in Algonquin Park, a place we try to visit a few times a year. It's a wonderful place for nature lovers like ourselves.

This year we decided to spend a little more and stay someplace a little more special, as we never did get around to going on an official "honeymoon" after we were married. We decided to make it a celebration combo weekend, as the place we decided to stay isn't open in November, when we celebrate our marriage.

Killarney Lodge is located within Algonquin Park, includes 3 delicious meals a day and your own canoe and private cabin. We had dinner here last year for Rob's birthday, so we knew the food was going to be delicious, and it was, all weekend.

Both of us were still recovering from colds, but we made the best of it, and had a very enjoyable weekend away, making the most of the park and the lodge.

The view from our porch.
Our cozy cabin! No TV's or radios, and cell phones only in your cabin please. Love that!
The gardens on the grounds were lovely.
About to enjoy a delicious dinner.
This card, a bottle of Champagne and a box of chocolate truffles were waiting in our cabin after dinner.
Me and my new friend, both enjoying a snack.
Our first Moose in the park!
Why did the Wild Turkey cross the road?
Being able to see and hear Loons from our Cabin was awesome!
We enjoyed our time in the park and at the lodge greatly, so much so, that we've decided to make staying here a new yearly tradition for Rob's birthday weekend, and to celebrate our marriage.

To read more about our trip and our first moose encounter in the park, please visit Rob's Blog about our trip, enjoy!


Rob said...

Oh boy! Something to look forward to every September! So much better than listening to "another year older, eh?"

Lets be healthy next year. :*

Eric and Poppy at Killarney said...

What an absolutely lovely recap of your stay. Great narrative and some super pics (courtesy of Rob of course). Will look forward to having you both back again next Sept!