Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Rob, my Dad and me!
There's an old saying about "little girls marrying men like their fathers". Looking at the above picture you wouldn't think that my father and husband would have anything in common, but they do.

One, they both love me! Seriously though, they are both hard working, good men, who don't like to travel. That last point is important, because it's the main reason that it has taken almost ten years of Rob being in my life for them to meet.

My mother had come to visit us a few times, so she knew and loved Rob, but Dad had never made the trip. I've gone down home every year, but because I get double the vacation Rob does, and financially it made more sense, I always went alone.

This past weekend my dad finally got to meet the man in my life, who became my husband almost one year ago. We all gathered in Gananoque, Ontario, where my Uncle Bobby lives. Dad had made the drive from Nova Scotia with his great niece, Megan. It was a small family reunion, and it was lovely. I'm glad Rob finally met Dad. It was great to meet Megan and reconnect with my Uncle again.

We'll do the Nova Scotia trip together someday, but right now I'm happy with the fact that he met my older brother, Jeff and his family AND my dad, all in the same year!

My second Cousin, Megan and me. 
Uncle Bobby and Aunt Debbie.
The brothers.
I don't know what I said to make Dad smile like that, but I'm glad it was captured.

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Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge said...

That is awesome Angie! You must be happy about that...