Friday, January 17, 2014


One of my favorite pictures of the two of us. Sept. 2007
Ten years ago today, I was sitting in a coffee shop in the early afternoon at the corner of Charles and Bloor Street waiting to meet someone. I had "connected" with Rob on an internet dating site on January 2nd, 2004. For the first week we exchanged daily emails, and by the second week we were also talking on the phone. I was excited to be meeting him in person.

It was a cold, blustery kinda day, with large, white fluffy snowflakes coming down. I arrived at the coffee shop first and had a window seat so I could watch for him. I remember his hair whipping around in the wind as he crossed the street and when he entered the coffee shop I know my first thought was how "hot" I thought  he was. I immediately buried my head in my magazine in nervousness.

Rob is a Tim Horton's "double, double" guy, and we met at a Timothy's. It was cute the way he whispered at the clerk behind the counter "Do you have any regular coffee?" hoping I wouldn't hear.

I  don't really remember what we talked about, but we must of been enjoying each others company, because coffee turned into dinner, and after dinner I went to his house to watch a movie and to meet his then kitten, Meadow. He drove me home afterwards and like the gentleman he his, hugged me before I went in.

Just before I drifted off to sleep that night a wave of unexplainable emotion over came me, and I bolted up right in bed. It was like I intuitively knew my whole life was about to change...and it did.        

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Andrea said...

Sigh... great story. Wasn't there a truck blocking your view and it moved and there he was your gorgeous long haired guy! So happy for you guys xoxo