Monday, January 13, 2014


My first ever "blog by request"! This blog comes as a request from our friend, Patty. This morning Meadow left us a "present" (dead mouse) outside our bedroom door. Rob talked about it on Facebook this morning, and after a bit of commenting, and some hints about me being afraid of mice, which I am not, Patty asked me to blog the story. Patty, this is for you.

One night, or morning rather, as it was about 3am, about a year or so ago, Meadow brought a mouse to bed. The mouse was not dead! When it ran up my leg, I shrieked! Not because I was scared of it, but because having a mouse run up your leg at 3am in the morning is most definitely a time for shrieking!!

Now, Meadow is not really a "mouser" so to speak. I can probably count on one hand the number of times she's caught a mouse. This is partly because she's mostly an indoor cat, and when she is out, on her leash in the warmer months, she's much too busy snoozing in the sun, smelling the flowers or playing with her squirrel buddies to be bothered much with anything else.

This particular morning though, the chase was on! After my shrieking woke Rob, all hell broke loose. The mouse took off from the bed with Rob and Meadow right behind him. I got up as well and watched the action from another doorway. Furniture was being moved, pillows were flying, Rob was going one way, Meadow the other, and the mouse was avoiding them both.

After watching the comedic scene for a few minutes, and realizing that the living-room was starting to look like a tornado went through it and that I needed to get back to sleep, I decided I better intervene. 

I left the doorway I was leaning on and crouched down. I laid my left hand, palm up, on the floor. And that little mouse ran right into it. I stood up and cupped him with my right hand and walked out the front door, down the steps, and let him go. I came back inside to a bewildered Rob and Meadow, and went back to bed.

I'm quite certain that little mouse kept running as fast as he could away from the madness he'd just left, never to return again.

NOTE: The picture posted above is not Meadow, but it looks so much like her I used it. Thank you Google images.

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WendyCarole said...

The last mouse Tia caught she hid among her toy ones. Either that or he hid himself among them. Sadly he died before I could rescue him.