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I remember the first time I went to Dr. Gererosity. Rob and I went for dinner, and I was really nervous because it was the first non-chain restaurant he'd been to with me. I needn't worry, we both had a great meal and it quickly became a regular spot for us. We've enjoyed brunch, lunch and dinner there many times over the years.

When they opened I was still involved with a women's social club I founded, and had a few events there for the club. After I parted ways with the club it remained a gathering place for my girlfriends, and we've celebrated many of my birthdays and other occasions there over the past ten years.

When you're going to a place as regularly as I was going here, you get to know the people who work there. The owners, Cary and Julia, always went over and above when I organized events there for the club, and going there for a meal was like visiting friends, with the wonderful wait staff they employed.

When I found out they were closing, I was shocked and saddened. The place was always busy, and it wasn't unusual to find a line out the door on the weekends to get in for their popular weekend brunch.

Their last day was last Sunday.  I had plans to go with a few girlfriends last Friday for dinner, but illness kept me home. They went and had a wonderful evening and a delicious meal. Thankfully, I was feeling better on Saturday, and I went for a last meal with Rob. We went for a late lunch/early dinner. I'm really glad we went at that time, because their were only 3 other customers in the restaurant, though the place was fully booked for the evening and Sunday. We got to talk to everyone, say thank you, and goodbye. I was happy to find out the owners had decided to sell for good reasons, and were happy.

The restaurant was bought by the one next door, and will be reopening under a new name in a little over a month. I, of course, will be going to check it out, they got some big shoes to fill, and I'm hoping to see some of the waitstaff that greeted us at Dr.G's.

Our last meal there was delicious, as always, but it was a bitter sweet moment when we left for the last time.

Here are a few pics from our "last supper" at Dr. G's, as it quickly became known as with my group of friends.

*sniff, sniff*
The bar.
We had our last meal in the high booth, same spot we had our first.
Rob's last bowl of Mushroom Cheddar Chowder, one of his favs.
My last meal, Penne a la Vodka with Smoked Salmon.
Candies came with the bill, Rob loved the green ones.
I always grabbed a few jellybeans off the bar when we left.
I wish Cary, Julia, Karen and all the waitstaff that I got to know over the past ten years all the best. Thank you for the food and the memories.

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