Monday, February 10, 2014


Me with "Nova", a 4 year old male Peregrine Falcon.  
Rob and I both took this past Friday off work so we could volunteer with the Canadian Peregrine Foundation at the Toronto Sportmen's Show. The first time we did this was in 2011, and it is just as thrilling now, as it was then to be so close to these amazing birds. It's also fun to be able to share information with the public about birds and raptors, and you hear a lot of interesting stories as well.

I got to give "Tigwaq", a first year male Snowy Owl a shower!

Giving "Tigwaq" or "Tig" as we call him a shower.  
He really liked it!
I was enjoying it too!
He'd shake himself off like a dog, it was adorable to witness.
  Rob has a "mad crush" on CPF's European Eagle Owl, "Boo", and was quite happy to give him a little shower. All the birds really do enjoy it, except "Seamus", their Barn Owl, he prefers to bathe in private.
Rob giving Boo his shower.
His ear tufts looped over due to the water, he looked extra funny for a while.
Nova checking Rob out. This was the first time either of us had held one of the Peregrine Falcons.
Rob educating the public, who look on in awe.
The CPF booth was very popular with the public.
Nova peeking over my shoulder.
 Rob and I feel very lucky to be able to get up close and personal with so many amazing raptors.

You can learn more about the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and their educational programs by clicking here.

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