Saturday, September 6, 2014


A Shadow Darner preparing to spend the night on our backyard.

Nature is amazing. There is always something new to learn, hear and witness. One night a couple weeks ago, we were amazed once again.

We were sitting out back for what we call the "Nightly Hummingbird Show", when another winged creature caught my eye.

We don't get many Dragonflies in our backyard, so we always take notice when we do. I was sitting on the deck and this one flew in and perched on a branch of the pine tree right in front of me. He quickly disappeared, looking much like part of the pine tree.

I'd never seen that before!!! I had no idea some Dragonflies sleep in trees! I quickly told Rob about what I had just witnessed and he came over to try to see if he could find him. I knew the area he had landed in, but he was hard to find. After scanning the area with my binoculars for a while, I found him, and Rob took a couple pics and had a good look too.   

After some investigation we found out it was a Shadow Darner. We totally missed the Hummingbird, if he showed up for his nightly feed, but I thought it was pretty cool that we had a Dragonfly spending the night with us.  

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