Wednesday, April 22, 2015


With Basil, a Burrowing Owl.
One of the highlights from my recent Easter trip to Alberta, besides seeing my nieces, was being able to visit The Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation. I had contacted them in the winter of 2014 about the possibility of being able to visit when I was in the province for Easter, even though they were closed to the public during that time.

They actually contacted me closer to my trip and were most accommodating. After the girls had found the last chocolate egg the Easter Bunny had left Easter morning we got ready and climbed into the SUV for the almost 3 hour drive to the foundation.

The foundation is a combination of the Mountsberg Raptor Centre and The Owl Foundation. They have human imprinted educational birds, like Basil. But they also rehabilitate injured and orphaned raptors to be released back to the wild. The have a variety of raptors and we were all quite thrilled to be given a private tour.

A pair of Great Greys.
Lincoln, an adult Bald Eagle has been on TV shows such as "Heartland".
Samwise, a Male Snowy, his mate is Hedwig, who my nieces chose to sponsor. 
A Short-eared Owl.
 After the tour of the grounds and answering loads of questions we were all able to have our picture taken with Basil, and educational Burrowing Owl, and Gordon, a Great Horned Owl. It was very heart warming for me to be able to share an experience with my brother and his family that I am so passionate about. They had never seen owls before and this was a memorable experience for us all.

I will definitely be returning, and hopefully Rob will be with us next time, he takes better pictures.

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