Friday, September 18, 2015


Happy Birthday Rob! 
Lots of celebrating happening at the Mueller household this week!

Rob celebrated his 46th birthday on Tuesday. We both took the day off to celebrate.
We did a little birding, went for a nice dinner and just enjoyed being together and not at work.

Yesterday marked 8 years of Misfit entering our home. She has such a unique story, she lived in our backyard all summer until Rob captured her and brought her in, she escaped the house on her 1st anniversary with us, and then she had a huge health issue a couple years back. So, her still being with us and adding what she does to our home is a blessing. You can read more about her by clicking here.

Happy birthday to Rob and happy anniversary to Misfit!
Merry checks out Rob's new birthday Whisky.
Molly had to check it out too!
We always try anything new by doing shots.
Trying to get some birthday kitty cuddles. 
Happy Anniversary Misfit!
Love this picture Rob took of us at the vet a few years back.

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