Monday, September 14, 2015


A normal sighting at Fan Expo.
Fan Expo was a bit of a mess for me this year. I had originally purchased a ticket to attend the “Hogwarts Reunion” featuring a Q & A with four of the Harry Potter stars; Bonnie Wright (Ginny), Tom Felton (Draco) and the Phelps twins (Fred & George). This was a special event taking place on the Friday night and required a separate ticket, but I still needed to purchase a ticket to get in on Friday, so I bought that too. Then a couple of the stars had to cancel because they couldn’t attend , Bonnie and Tom, so the event got cancelled. My special event ticket got refunded, but not my Friday admission.

Then just a couple days before the weekend they rescheduled the Hogwarts Reunion to Saturday night, because Tom Felton could come after all, and Rupert Grint (Ron) was coming too!! Unfortunately for me this day didn’t work, and I really didn’t want to spend another $50 on another daily admission. One year I will get my act together and do Fan Expo weekend like my friend Vitra, I think she has the weekend down to a science and plans her weekend very well, attending lots of the free Q & A’s with some celebrities from her favorite TV shows and movies.

Still, I had a ticket for Friday, and Friday afternoon I went for a couple hours with my friend Pat. Pat had never been before so just seeing the cosplayers was huge fun. For me too, it’s actually my favorite part. I love all the people who dress up and admire the work, time and effort that goes into some of the costumes. I had “Harry Potter" radar going on, and was rewarded with a few sightings.

My fingers are crossed they do another Hogwarts Reunion next year.  I was so upset I didn't get to see/meet Rupert Grint (Ron) who happens to be favorite character in the movies/books, Rob watched not 1, but 2 Harry Potter movies with me over the weekend!    
The Singing Monsters
Hermione!!! She looked great, even had the earrings from the Yule Ball.

I kinda freaked out when I saw the actors from the movie. 
It really is Tom Felton! (Draco)

Pat and I played with some Minion toys. 
Pic of a pic, so very blurry. The whole thing was made out of Lego. It was incredible! 
This was truly amazing.
And then Velma came to life!!! (I love cosplayers)
Life size Loki cut-out.
Moaning Myrtle was awesome!!! Great idea for a costume.
Spider-man  needed a rest, Fan Expo is hard work.
Ran into these guys as we were leaving and they graciously stopped for a photo-op. 

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