Friday, February 12, 2016


Enjoying a wintery Algonquin Park. Pic by Patty
Last weekend, Rob and I, along with our friend Dave, headed up to Algonquin Park for an overnight. This trip was over a year in the making, since we had to cancel our plans to go last year due to Rob being sick. Rob and I hadn't been to the park since March 2014, so we were really looking forward to it.

Four of us should of been going, Andi was suppose to join us as well, but the "Algonquin Curse", as Dave called it, struck again. One of their cats hurt it's leg pretty bad and required supervision for the weekend. Andi volunteered to stay home and cat sit. Dave was still quite willing to go, so with Andi's blessing, the three of us headed off Saturday morning.

Our first sighting in the park, and our first time seeing a fox there.
We were all pretty excited to see a fox.
And then there were two!!!
After this lovely encounter and having one Gray Jay greet us we headed up to the visitor centre for lunch and a look at the birds visiting the feeders.  After lunch we hit the Spruce Bog Trail to see what we could find. We ran into friends at both locations, adding to the enjoyment!

Hey! I know this store!
It was nice to see some Evening Grosbeaks again.
The Gray Jays always look like they are smiling.
We saw many, many, MANY. Blue Jays in the park, this one was taking full advantage of our offerings.  Pic by Dave 
Having fun, keeping warm, and Dave missing Andi. Pic by Patty
Making a new friend. Pic by Dave
We had a good visit at the park and headed to our hotel just as the snow really started to fall late afternoon. Our hotel, Spring Lake Resort, has an onsite restaurant which we have enjoyed in the past, but due to low numbers at the hotel that weekend the restaurant was closed. We were pre-warned about this, so Dave looked into some other restaurants nearby. We went to Muskoka on the Rocks for dinner and the Moose Cafe for breakfast the next morning. Dave did a grand job, I highly recommend them both, and look forward to return visits.
The morning after a great day in Algonquin.
It was a much needed and lovely mini break for us all, and I look forward to returning next year, with Andi.

Please Note- Shelby, the kitty that hurt her leg enjoyed good meds while we were at the park and is on the mend.

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