Friday, March 4, 2016


March 4th, 2016
Haven't blogged in a bit, not much going on. Work during the week and chores on the weekend. Today however, I saw some old friends in the backyard that I haven't seen in a while, and they were a welcome sight.

Rob and I both booked today off work to have a long weekend together. We ran a few errands, but mainly enjoyed being at home together. A walk past the kitchen window at dusk had us spotting a couple of the "kids" from last year. Rob has seen them a few times over the winter, but I hadn't seen a raccoon in the yard in months, so I was quite happy to see them.

Taken through the window today, getting a drink from the birdbath.
Wildlife is welcome in our yard, but we are responsible and cautious, and check our roof regularly. They are welcome to our bird feeder spills, bird bath and to take shelter under our shed. I do think it is the garbage from the Chinese restaurant a stones throw away from our yard that keeps them so close though.

One of the "kids" October 2015. 
  Today's sighting made me long for the arrival of Spring and hanging out in the backyard with the birds and critters who enjoy it with us.

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