Saturday, October 21, 2017


Our cottage, "Red Robin" at Cedar Grove Lodge.  
Rob and I have been enjoying vacation this past week. The first part of our vacation we spent 4 days, 3 nights in the Huntsville area at Cedar Grove Lodge. It was our first time there, but I don't think it will be our last. Beautiful surroundings, lovely private cottage, and 3 meals a day included!

It was overcast when we left Toronto last Sunday morning, and it was raining heavily when we arrived in Huntsville. Oh well, we made the best of it by having lunch at a local restaurant and doing a bit of shopping at a mall before heading to Cedar Grove to check in. (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

We made it!

The Main Lodge where the dining room, lounge and reception are located.
Time to check-in.
Our cottage!
The bed was very comfortable. 
It was wonderful having a real wood fireplace.
Sitting area.
I loved how the cottage was decorated in a wildlife theme.
Our porch.
After we got ourselves settled we enjoyed a delicious 3 course dinner in the dining room. You have the same table your entire stay, which I loved. It was like they knew me, we were in the corner by a window and I could over look the entire diningroom.

Our table. 
It was still very over cast as the sun set, and cloudy when we went to bed. I happened to wake up a little after 3am. I was curious to see if the clouds had cleared and they had. I could see lots of stars from the window! I miss being able to see a sky full of stars every night. I asked Rob if he'd come for a walk with me to look at the stars. He did. So, for probably a half hour between 3:30am - 4am we walked around the resort grounds enjoying the stars. We kinda crazy like that.

The "Big Dipper".
It was hard to capture the beauty of the night sky, especially without a tripod, but I asked him to take this anyway.

Ok, back to bed for a few more hours, we have a full day tomorrow! 

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Wow, that place looks heavenly!