Saturday, July 28, 2018


Female Baltimore Oriole - July 22nd
This summer has been a bit different for Rob and I, all thanks to my Fitbit. We normally don't stray too far from home during the summer months. We've always been quite content to enjoy our weekends in the backyard, and all the beauty and wildlife that it gives us. But I don't get many steps sitting on my butt in a lawn chair all day.

I started wearing a Fitbit two years ago as part of my health care plan for my knee and to aid in weight-loss. Keeping track of my daily/weekly steps really does help keep me motivated. My Fitbit week starts on Sundays. I really like to get my week off to a good start, and aim to get my 10K steps on Sunday, hence the beginning of the Sunday summer walks.

It's really been a win-win for both of us. Those Sunday walks aid in my self care plan, but they are also very enjoyable for us both. We go with no expectations of sightings and enjoy everything we happen to see, even if Rob isn't always able to catch a picture of it.

Please enjoy a few photos from last Sunday's walk.
Viceroy Butterfly
Eastern Kingbird
Big yellow fuzzy caterpillar! 
Real name - American Dagger Caterpillar Moth
And I shouldn't of picked him up, those black tufts can leave stinging welts! Oops!

American Robin
Grove Snails enjoying a pile of coyote poop. 
We came across this tiny American Toad toad on the pathway.  
He could of sat on a dime!  
If anyone could ID this for us, please leave a comment. We'd greatly appreciate it.

"Powedered Dancer" Damselflies copulating. 
 Powered Dancer Damselfly
Song Sparrow after a bath.
  Our Sunday walks have turned into a mini BioBlitz!


Tammie said...

Great photos! Love that caterpillar ... never seen one like that.

Unknown said...

Hi Angie! Great photos! Your Monarch is actually a Vicroy, you can tell by the extra black band on the hind wing. The Toad would be an American Toad, only one we get in Toronto

Angie in T.O. said...

Thanks for correcting my Butterfly ID and letting me know about the toad! :)