Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Built in 1885, this double arched aqueduct bridge is the only one in North America still in use by automotive traffic.
I made the Thanksgiving weekend an extra long one this year by taking the Thursday and Friday off work as well. Thursday morning had a girlfriend and I hitting the road to Stratford for an overnight getaway.

I had never been to Stratford before, and quickly fell in love with the place. It's quaint, beautiful and lively. It's "touristy" without feeling touristy. After we arrived we enjoyed lunch at "Surreal Soup", followed by a lovely walk along the river and through some of the town to take in some of the shops. We stayed at the boutique hotel, "The Parlour Inn", where we also enjoyed a delicious 3 course dinner as part of our package.   

Friday, after breakfast at Madelyn's Diner, we did some more exploring/shopping around town before seeing the afternoon performance of "To Kill a Mockingbird" at the Stratford Festival Theatre. We headed back home to Toronto after the wonderful production.

A couple of the famous Stratford Swans.
There is a "Swan Festival" in April. 
We saw these "interesting" flowers everywhere.  
We found out they area called "Elephant Head"....Oh! I see that now!
After dinner we came back to our room to find "turn down" service and a rose on our beds. 
Statue of Shakespeare at the playhouse. 
I have to talk about Justin before ending this blog, you know, Justin Bieber? He grew up in Stratford and my youngest neice, Tayler, is a huge fan. I knew that the Stratford Museum was hosting an exhibit about him, so we also visited there, where I took many, many photos of the exhibit and sent to my niece in Alberta. She was thrilled. I also told her that if she got her butt to Toronto to visit, we'd take her to see the exhibit in person.
My foot on Justin's star in front of the Avon Theatre where he would busker as a kid.
Justin grew up in a fantastic little town, and I can't wait for a return visit.

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