Tuesday, December 31, 2019


I was looking forward to this!
Rob and I were on vacation the first week of the month. We stayed close to home, but did do a couple day trips. He agreed to check out The Dr. Seuss Experience with me, and was even more surprised when one of his school friends, Tariq, wanted to join us.

When we were driving there Rob said, "It isn't going to be hoakey is it?" Duh, of course it was, and I loved it! Please enjoy a few of our not so good pics. (the lighting was crazy in every room)

Taking it in.

Swinging in the Truffula Trees!
My favorite story.
The Lorax is speaking to me!
In the "Cat in the Hat" room.
You could interact with him, and he was very funny!
This was my favorite room.
Wocket in the sink!
Wockets on and under the table.
Wockets were everywhere!
Loved the clover!
Hiding in the clover!
Tariq captured this cool picture of the clover.
Can you hear me?
Rob and Tariq fishing for gifts for the folks of "Whoville".
I was disappointed we didn't get to meet the Grinch.
Sneetches as far as the eye could see!
Balloon maze. 
It's fun to indulge your inner child, and we all enjoyed it, followed by dinner afterwards.

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