Friday, January 24, 2020


When I was doing some cleaning a while back, I started looking at the stuff around our home through someone else's eyes. I believe we were having company who hadn't been to our home before and I found myself wondering what they would think of the stuff they saw. Sure the family photos, the bird and wildlife stuff would make sense to friends, but then there are things on display, that if you didn't know the story, you might wonder about, like this plastic flower. It tells the story of love, loss and remembrance.

This white, plastic flower was the last Mother's Day gift I gave my Mom in 2011. She passed away eight months later, eight years ago today. She was on the brain floor of the hospital, which is scent free, so no real flowers allowed. It now sits on display in our home where I see it multiple times a day. The plan was to place it at her grave at some point. I've been to Nova Scotia 3 times since she passed, but I've not taken the flower, I'm not ready to part with it.

I think of my Mom daily, but there are some days that are a little tougher to get through, like today.

I have other reminders of my Mom around the house, and I have kept a bottle of Keith's beer, her favorite, in the fridge since she passed.

One of my favorite pics of us, June 2010. I had spent a week in Nova Scotia, and we came back to Toronto by train together so she could be here for my 40th birthday.

I will always long for one more conversation, one more hug and answers to questions only she would know.

I left the picture by the flower  for the first year of her passing. It's packed away now, along with all the cards I received.

I'm not a beer drinker, but today, like her birthday and Mother's Day, I will enjoy a cold Keith's, her favorite.  Cheers Mom! xo   

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