Friday, July 31, 2020


"Where's the mouse?" ~Merry
It's hard to believe that tomorrow we will be turning our calendars to August 1st, and entering month six of our new Covid lifestyles. For me, August 14th will mark 6 months of working from home.

If there is one group that has benefited the most from our new normal, it is without a doubt our pets. I've head that people think that pets will go through withdrawal when/if we all go back to our old routines, but I don't know if we will go back to the way things were completely, even when we are able.

The pet in our house who is benefiting the most is not our spoiled (well loved and cared for) cats, but our little budgie, Moonie. And we have noticed the difference.

Our before Covid routine
I leave for work about 6:30am
Rob gets Moonie up between 7:30am-8am (his cage is in a closed room and covered at night)
Rob leaves at work around 1pm and Moonie gets put back into his room until around 4:30pm when I get home from work. He's on a dresser with the radio and light on, but no real window.

Covid routine 
I get Moonie up at 7:15am and put him on his normal spot on top of the fridge. I'm working in the kitchen so he has me for company. After the cats have their lunch, usually when we do, they go to the bedroom for their afternoon siesta. We now shut the door and move Moonie to the table, we now refer to this as his "table time", and he loves it. He's right by the kitchen window, and we noticed he's more active with his toys, bath and tweeting during this time. He's right by me, all afternoon, and we enjoy singing along to the oldies together. His table time will not be taken away, it's a part of his routine now.

Moonie enjoying his "Table Time".
Merry and Molly during their afternoon siesta. 

Here are a few pics I've posted on social media accounts during the last few months about working from home with pets.
I have this issue with both cats every morning. 
"You need these papers? Now?" ~Merry
This doesn't really apply to our cats, they like having us home, but it made me howl with laughter.   
Hope everyone is keeping healthy and safe, here we go into month six.......

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Judy said...

Your cartoons are cute. I have noticed more people walking dogs too.