Tuesday, May 31, 2022


Valentine's Day Cookies
I am so behind in my blogging! I was going through my cell phone photos and decided a picture blog for the first four months of the year would have to suffice. My blog is like an online diary and now that I'm in my 50's a way to remember things. LOL!! Here's a little look at the first four months of 2022.   

First real snow storm of the winter, January 17th. 

52 and still making snow angels!

More Valentine's Day Cookies.

And Valentine's Day Cupcakes too!
Family Day weekend we went to my Cousin Andi's for a delicious feast and visit. First one since Christmas and much needed.

Cesar Salad to start. 

My delicious dinner!

Rob and I finally made it to Carlo's Bakery in Port Credit in March. I'd been wanting to go since it
I hear they are opening a location in Yorkville this summer.

First brunch of the year at our favorite brunch spot, Toast on Bloor the end of March. 
I love their coffee and Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. 

I actually did a blog for our Easter Weekend, you can find that here

Our fur babies Merry and Molly had their 7th birthday on April 30th. It's shocking to me that they are now considered senior cats when they still act like babies. 
Happy Birthday to the "snuggle sisters!"

Birthday cake for their human servants. 

They got this slithering snake for their birthday, Merry was scared of it, Molly was unsure of it. 
Now, let's see if I can get my May vacation blog done before the end of June! 

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