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One of many Scarlet Tanagers we saw during the week.
Rob and I were on vacation the second week of May, and for the first time in a couple years our vacation was all about getting out every day and seeing what birds we could spot. I'm not sure how many species we saw, I didn't keep track. What I do know is that we saw more species than we had in a couple years and we had a great time finding them. 

We stayed in the GTA for most of our week off, but did do a couple day trips down Niagara Way, and one overnight trip to the Port Rowan, Long Point area, it was great to get back there again.    

Please enjoy a few photos from our week long birding vacation. 

I'm always happy to see an Orchard Oriole.

We were super excited to spot a Red-headed Woodpecker!

And there were two! 

One of two Great Horned Owl fledglings we saw along with an adult.

Saw quite a few Blue-headed Vireos this year, one of my favs.

We had some great looks at a few Blackburnian Warblers, Rob's fav. 
On My 10th we drove down to the Port Rowan/Long Point area for one night. It was wonderful to visit the area again after a couple years. I didn't know it at the time, but I was going to spot some pretty great warblers, not lifers, but two we don't see yearly, and I have never spotted them before. We did get a lifer on this trip thanks to a couple birders letting us know of a bird a long way from home. We also went to our Whip-poor-will spot at dusk and for the first time, saw a couple, as well as heard many.
Great to get here again, & meeting up with Kerrie for the first time in 2 years made it even better.

My first great sighting, a Blue-winged Warbler.

This Green Heron was doing a lot of calling, and it was the first time we ever heard one!

My second great sighting of the day had me very excited because of the awesome view!
 Probably Rob's best pic of the week. Golden-winged Warbler! 
Every May vacation we have what we refer to as our "Bird Nerd Moment". This year was no different. We went to the Port Rowan Wetland's area to do our usual walk around. A couple other birders were just leaving, and they told us a Loon was there. I was doing something in the trunk while Rob was talking to them, and then I heard a mention of a Black-necked Stilt in the area. What?! A rare bird for the area and a lifer for us, we were hopping back in the car pronto to go find it. The guy asked us, "Aren't you going to go see the Loon?" as we were speeding off like a scene out of the Big Year movie. We did go back to the Wetlands after, and we did see the Loon.
Our lifer, and a bird a long way from home, the Black-necked Stilt.
After all that excitement we got checked into our B & B and then headed out for dinner the next town over, as nothing was open in Port Rowan. After dinner and closer to dusk we headed out to what we call our Whip-poor-will spot, and they didn't disappoint. We actually saw a couple too! I saw one fly ahead of me, and Rob saw one land on the path. That was a first! 

The next morning after breakfast we headed to Backus Woods for a walk before driving back to Toronto. We dipped on the Prothonotary Warblers, but saw Scarlett Tanagers, and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks. We were also serenaded the entire walk by my favorite bird call, the Wood Thrush.
Wood Thrush calling.

Love seeing the Trilliums.
We were up and out again the next morning to visit a couple parks along the lake and were rewarded with even more Scarlet Tanagers and some great warbler views. 
Bay-breasted. Chestnut-sided, Blackburnian, and a Norther Parula.
We decided to visit a park we had earlier in the week on the Friday, it was noticeable quieter, but we still had an enjoyable time.
Magnolia Warbler.
It was a mutual decision to remain at home on the weekend and enjoy the birds in our backyard, all the go, go, go was catching up to us. 
Love when the Baltimore Orioles return to the yard.

Baltimore Oriole couple enjoying a bath.

Is it just me, or do they look guilty?! 
It was a very busy, tiring and enjoyable week off. I look forward to doing it again next year!




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