Friday, August 19, 2011


Introducing "Moonie", the newest addition to our home.

I was suppose to be at work at 1pm on Wednesday afternoon, or was I? I happened to book the day off, to recover from the Def Leppard concert festivities the night before. I also just happened to be in front of the kitchen window at just the right moment to see a little blue budgie walking around in the garden.

Rob hadn't left for work yet, so out he went to investigate. The budgie seemed pretty calm and walked away from Rob more then flew from him. He came back in and got the extra cage we keep on hand in case of bird emergencies. We have had a few!

He was back in the house within five minutes with the bird in the cage and then he had to go to work, leaving me alone with the new little guy.

At first I was, "no way are we keeping him!" Thought it was a male at first. We already have a budgie, we have a CAT, where would be put another cage, etc. But over the course of the afternoon I kept going in to have a peek and talk to her while she was resting in the other room and she's just so damn cute!

She gave me a hard time the first night, but once I got her settled in and everyone else, I started thinking of how we could arrange the house so both her and Misfit, another backyard rescue from four years ago, would be safe from Meadow, our cat.

By the time I woke up in the morning I had named her, "Moonie", Rob likes "M" names, and I'm fond of the moon, and also, "Moonie" is a nickname of one of the Harry Potter characters, my favorite teacher, Professor Lupin.

Rob had e-mailed a few people about taking her, but no takers. We were both leaning towards keeping her at this point anyway, we were just trying to figure out how to make it all work; where to put her, etc. We had decided on installing a shelf above the computer desk, and we'd put her away at night in the other room, like we do Misfit at bedtime. Even with all this figured out, we still weren't 100% sure, it was actually Misfit herself who sealed Moonie's fate with us.

Today Rob had Misfit's cage on the table and her door open so she could go for a fly. Meadow is locked up when we do this. Moonie was in the other cage on top of the fridge. Misfit flew over to Moonie's cage and landed on it and was looking down and checking her out, and they were tweeting to each other. Rob open the door, and Misfit flew in! They set in there happily tweeting to each other for a half hour, sometimes sitting side by side.

And that was that, she's ours. We're going to keep them separate most of the time for the next little while, let them get acquainted slowly and when we feel they are ready to share a cage we are going to buy a bigger one that will be new to both of them.

Misfit and Moonie getting to know each other.

Right now they are in the same room for the night, both covered in different cages and our little family of pets just went up one.


Susan Tee said...

What a happy ending for Moonie to have. She'll be wee loved in your home!

Teena in Toronto said...

She knew where she'd have a good home :)

I like the contrast in colours between her and Misfit.