Friday, August 5, 2011


Back in the Fall of 2008 I was given the biggest raise of my working career. Wanting to share my good fortune with Rob, I decided to buy him a gift and knew he would love a digital camera. I chose a Canon Power Shot SX100, quite a step up from the disposable's he'd been using the last couple of years.

Rob discovered and fell in love with a whole new world, the world of photography. His favorite subjects being birds, wildlife and nature in general. He has a natural talent for it. He's able to capture the character, emotions and beauty of what he's looking at. I like to think it's because he has a love and respect for nature and his subjects can sense that, and reward him for it.

When we are out I sometimes tell him to put the camera away and to "be in the moment" of the beauty around us and of what we are looking at, but I am very supportive of his passion. This past Christmas I rendered him speechless when I gave him a Canon Rebel T1i. This little ditty took his photography up to a whole other level. I knew he needed a camera that he could change lenses and do more with. I also knew he would never spend that much on something for himself. It was a joy to give it to him.

Within the last couple years he's started entering photography contests, and though there hasn't been any cash rewards, it's been a thrill for us both to see his work published with organizations we are supporters of.

Giving him a digital camera ignited a fire in him that continues to grow. Please enjoy a few of my favorite pictures taken by nature photographer, Rob Mueller.

The first four pictures were taken with the Canon Power Shot.

Me enjoying the serenity of a sunset on Pelee Island.

The majestic Great Blue Heron, also on Pelee Island.

A Chickadee brazenly waits for a handout of seed.

This photo was published in the Canadian Wildlife Federation's children magazine, "Wild", 3 times for a photo capture contest!

The following shots where taken with the Canon Rebel T1i.

The joy of having a Chickadee land in my hand for seed is apparent. Taken at Algonquin Park.

This magical capture recently won 2nd place in the Green Party's 2012 calendar photo contest. Another image of Rob's also won 1st, and 2 others placed as well, but this is my favorite.

Great capture of a little baby Canadian Goose running away from Rob's camera after he snapped a few pictures, guess the little guy got camera shy!

Another favorite subject of Rob's, his princess, Meadow.

He was ecstatic, when just yesterday he found out that one of his images was going to be used for Bird Studies Canada's 2011-2012 "Project Feeder Watch" calendar.

Rob's taken over 20,000 photos to date, and I know that number will continue to grow!


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww, what a lovely story :) I just love the gosling shot, very sweet. Congrats on your winning photos Rob!


Teena in Toronto said...

Congrats to Rob for winning in the calendar contest!

The pix Rob's been taking with his new camera make me want to get a new one too. I've been looking at different ones ... haven't committed yet.

Chris McConnell said...

You guys are too cute...congrats Rob for all your successes and for more to come, and Angie, you've created a monster ;)))