Friday, August 12, 2011


Me, Sara and Emily getting ready to enjoy a delicious lunch at MoRoCo.

Today I took the girls who have been working in the office with me all summer out to lunch. I thought it would be a nice way to say "thank you" for putting up with me, I mean, being so pleasant to work with, as their time is coming to an end soon.

I took them to a restaurant in Yorkville that I only recently heard about, MoRoCo.
It's a french inspired boutique restaurant that specializes in chocolate with a little shop at the entrance selling lots of delectable chocolate goodies. It's beautifully decorated with lots of big plush chairs.

It saddens me that I have only just discovered this hidden gem, as it's been open three years. I will be visiting again soon, very soon.

The girls checking out the surroundings, most people chose the patio, but we wanted to take in the atmosphere of the place.

My lunch; Macaroni and Cheese with Truffle Oil, it was divine!

Our dessert platter, it was amazing and everything was delicious. I especially loved the red velvet cake. But the cake and chocolate that looked like a burger was good too, the french fries were shortbread with raspberry coulis for dipping! The spring rolls were chocolate, peanut butter and banana served with caramel sauce for dipping. It was chocolate heaven!

These two have been a pleasure to work with all summer, I'm going miss them.

and now I'm off for part two of "Foodie Friday", stay tuned.....

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Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds like a yummy place!

Why don't you organize us sometime :)