Saturday, July 7, 2012


Charli and Steve enjoying the fish & chips in the backyard.

Yesterday morning at work a very "spur of the moment" idea had me having company last evening.
One of my team members, Steve and his prettier half, Charli, came over after work with fish and chips from "Golden Crisp Fish & Chips". 

Steve has been talking about this place since I've known him, so it was good to finally try the fish, which was very good.

Unfortunately Rob was working and missed the get together, but next time we go out for fish and chips, I will choose here so he can try it.

Both Steve and Charli enjoyed all the birds and critters both outside the house and in. I even got to show them a napping raccoon in our shed. "Shhh...he's sleeping."  The humidity effects even the birds and squirrels and the activity wasn't as energetic as it usually is in the backyard, so I told them they would have to come back when it's not so hot.

It was a nice way to start the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

We'll be right back after a word from our sponsor. HOOOO-WEEE! Golden Crisp fish and chips, they got that fish you'll never forget, one bite and you don't have to eat for a week. I saw a guy in there the other day combing his hair with the stuff off the plate. Golden Crisp fish and chips.