Tuesday, July 3, 2012


All psyched for the Canada Day long weekend!
The Canada Day holiday doesn't always make for a long weekend, but this year it did and we were really looking forward to it.

I started my long weekend by meeting a girlfriend after work on Friday for pedicures and dinner out, as Rob had to work until midnight.

Saturday morning we were up and out pretty early despite his getting home late. We had brunch at Cora's and then did some birding.

Male Indigo Bunting, always a great summer visitor to witness.
  After our morning outing, we spent the remainder of Saturday at home enjoying the backyard.

This is where Meadow spends most of her time when outside, with her friends, Ren and Stumpy.
This is "Crusty", he's pretty tame with us. He'll take peanuts and sit with us.
This juvenile Blue-Jay was around most of the long weekend with his parents and siblings.
 Sunday morning we were up pretty early again and heading over Guelph way. We were going to check out the "Aberfoyle Antique Market" for the first time. We had a great time and I came home with the two things I was looking for, I even haggled a little!

Wagon Wheel for the backyard.

Our new, very old, coffee table!
We had a great time at the antique market and will definitely be going back.

Late Sunday afternoon we went to Rob's parents for a BBQ. Both his brothers and niece were there. It was a nice family get together.

Enjoying a cold one at the BBQ.
Canada Day dessert at the BBQ.
  Holiday Monday was spent at home, most of it in the backyard.

Our attempt at a butterfly feeding station.
My "Blue-Bells" are doing good this year.
Moonie enjoyed all the time outside, especially when a female House Sparrow came calling.
Misfit enjoyed her outside time too!
Grackle enjoying the bird bath.

We had a great long weekend, it was just the right mixture of fun and relaxing.

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Dan said...

Good purchases, good company, good weather and good refreshments adds up to a great weekend!

From one Canadian to another, Happy Birthday, you look good for 145!