Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Taken moments after the ceremony.
On Friday November 30th, at approximately 10:03am, Rob became my husband. We got married in the comfort of our own home with only 4 people in attendance, with a small and intimate ceremony.

Here's the story of how it came to be.

I don't remember the first time the word "marriage" was brought up between us, but I'm pretty sure it went something like this; We were probably sitting on he couch watching a movie or something and I said " Do you think we'll get married someday?" and he probably mumbled something like "Sure" or "uh uh".

There was never any romantic proposal, it was just something we knew we would do one day. We always told our friends that when it happened, they'd probably know after it was over, and only a hand-full of people did know before.

Rob is a man of his word, this I will never doubt. He told me early this year that we would be married by the end of it. We were on vacation the first week of November and when he said he found his birth certificate, I knew the time had come.

On the morning of November 9th we went to the Etobicoke Civic Centre to get our marriage license. We had picked a few dates before going, assuming they had wedding chambers there. In all honesty, I think if they had of been able to marry us right at the desk we would of done it then.

One of the dates we had picked was Friday, November 30th, it would of been my Mother's 73rd birthday and it was also the 10 year anniversary of Rob getting the keys to the house. I know my Mother loved that we choose her birthday to be married, she always wanted her little girl married.

The lady at the marriage license office was very helpful and we got all the information we needed. Rob was thrilled when he found out we could have someone come to the house and marry us, with all the pets in attendance! After leaving there we had to run a few errands and got our wedding bands as well. Upon returning to the house I called Toronto City Hall to book a wedding officiant to come to our home. A few minutes later the morning of  November 30th was booked.

That Sunday we asked our good friends, and first friends we made as a couple, Jim and Lynda to be our witnesses. They were very excited for us and immediately said yes. Rob told his parents 2 weeks before the wedding and his brothers a week before. I called my Dad, "other mother", Marilyn and my Brother and his family the day before. Everyone was very happy for us.

Just like we knew we'd get married, we also knew it wouldn't be a big wedding. We always wanted something very small and casual and that is what we did. Our wedding officiant, Anne, came to the house to meet us a week before and to talk about the ceremony. She gave us a few samples of vows to look over and we changed and tweaked a few things to make them our own.    

I wore a "new" top, and "blue and borrowed" earrings from my friend Amanda. And I wore my Mom's engagement ring on my right hand for something "old".

The morning finally arrived and it was so easy paced! I got up early as usual and started to get ready. I had done a little decorating the night before, so I only had me to get ready. Rob got up a couple hours later, as he had worked the night before. We both did a shot of White Owl Whiskey at about 9:15am, and everyone arrived at 9:30am. The ceremony got underway at 9:55am.

It was exactly what we wanted, small and simple. For us, it was perfect. After some picture taking we went to Milestones for lunch and then went about our day as a married couple.

Rob and I have been together just shy of 9 years, living together for over 4 of them, a lot of people have said since then, that is was "about time", but that's not true, it was the perfect time.

We "jumped the broom" at the end of the ceremony, symbolizing new beginnings and creating a home together.
I loved our wedding cake and it tasted as good as it looked!  
With Rob's parents.
With our witnesses, Jim and Lynda.
With our wedding officiant, Anne.
First picture as husband and wife.
Family pictures decorated the table.


Teena in Toronto said...

Congrats, Angie and Rob! I love that you did it just the way you wanted :)

Margaret B said...

Congratulations on your special day! Always love to see people get married. :)

Tree said...

I LOVE that your family continues to evolve and grow through the years. Angie is a perfect match for Rob, forever, and always <3