Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I went for a "rustic" look this year.
I remember being surprised at how many Christmas tree ornaments Rob had that first Christmas we spent together in 2004. He had quite the interesting collection for a guy who had never had a tree before. That first Christmas together we could of easily decorated two or three trees with all the ornaments we had between us. And of course, many more ornaments have been collected in the years since.
I’m partial to doing a “theme” tree every year, and all our ornaments get on the tree eventually. We’ve done a cartoon character tree, a cardinal tree, a homemade ornament tree, a white and blue tree and an all bird tree in the past. We've started collecting quite a few owl ornaments the last couple years, and I see an all owl ornament tree in our future.

Even with the theme trees, there are those few extra special ornaments that go on the tree every year. I kinda think your Christmas tree tells a story, and it’s those ornaments that tell it. 

First Christmas together in 2004, it was a memorable one.
This Meadow ornament was a gift for Rob our second year together and goes on the tree every year.
Born and raised there, and proud of it!
A gift from Mom my second Christmas in Toronto.
For our love of birds and our home.
Rob's first love, Vampirella, or as I call her, Slut. 
For the year we moved in together. 
Gift from Mom from my last visit with her, Thanksgiving 2011.
We happily share the yard with our wild, furry friends.

And we added a few new ones this year:

We chose this one as our "2012 Marriage Ornament", and now I call Rob my Turtle Dove! LOL!
Misfit and Moonie join Meadow on the tree.
2012 memory ornament for Mom.   
This years tree from another angle.

What story does your tree tell?

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Teena in Toronto said...

Your tree looks great! We don't do a tree so I'll live vicariously through yours.