Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The day after my last blog post I flew off to Orlando, Florida for 8 days of sun in the fun at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Things didn't go quite as planned.

My traveling companion and friend, Andi, had caught a horrible cold a few days before our trip and was still under the weather when we left. We arrived to hot and sunny weather, which quickly disappeared to unseasonable cool and rainy weather which continued for most of our trip.

We made the most of it, but 4 days into the trip I got sick, and as Andi got better, I got worse. I have never looked more forward to coming home from a trip then I did this one.

Rob and I had a week off together after I returned to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary. I thought a day or two of rest on the couch would have me back to my ole self and we could enjoy the remainder of our vacation together, as we had a lot of fun things planned. That didn't happen, I got worse.

We started our anniversary weekend off with a trip to the walk-in clinic, as my doctor was on vacation. I was put on a course of antibiotics for a suspected bacterial respiratory infection.

Our vacation came and went, as did our anniversary, with me still resting on the couch waiting for this horrible illness to pass.

I was suppose to return to work yesterday, but I am still too unwell. I am improving since starting the medication, but it is slow, and it's going to take a while for me to be back to my old self. I have never wanted to be return to work so bad. This time of year at work is always fun, and I missed our Christmas lunch today.

Rob was a trooper through the whole thing, as my illness wrecked his vacation too. He took good care of me the whole time and didn't complain once. 

I will eventually blog about the time in Orlando, but when I'm feeling better.

Our first anniversary was so great and memorable, and this one will be memorable too, for an entirely different reason.