Thursday, December 11, 2014


This Christmas package made my whole day!
I don't remember who replied to who's "tweet" first, but I know the tweet involved "Airbourne", the only new rock band I listen to and love. I started following Emma on Twitter and she started following me after that first initial tweet.

Turns out her significant other, Mark, works for Airbourne and was on the road with them when we connected on Twitter. But we had more in common then the band. A love of nature, our fur babies, and more recently, Christmas. I asked her for her mailing address so I could send her a Christmas card, and she asked for mine. I was quite excited about the idea of getting a card from so far away.

I mailed a Christmas card adorned with a Snowy Owl to her quite early, thinking it would take ages to get there, but she received it before the end of November! LOL! I also included a desk calendar that we had made for 2015 for a few friends featuring some of Rob's wildlife photos. She seemed very happy with the card and the little gift.

I returned to work this past Monday after being off for a few weeks, as I got sick while on vacation and needed to take an extra week off to recover from a respiratory infection. Needless to say I was quite tired and stressed out on my way home Monday from the mountain of work I had to deal with.

When I was walking up the walkway to the house, I saw a package sticking out of the mailbox and when I held it in my hands and realized who it was from I forgot all about work! I was overwhelmed with what she sent me; a funny Christmas card, Scottish Shortbread, a couple Airbourne laminates  from their recent Canadian tour, and a Christmas Tree made out of Airbourne guitar picks! It was awesome!! It was such a thoughtful gift and completely lifted my spirits.

Rock and Roll, bringing people together all over the world! Merry Chris Moose Everyone!

My funny Christmas card from Scotland!
Can't wait to try these with Rob on the weekend.
My awesome Airbourne guitar pick Xmas Tree and Laminates!

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WendyCarole said...

What a grea gift. Nothing better thanScottish shortbread :)