Wednesday, July 22, 2015


"Merry, get in here! I hit the jackpot!" ~Molly
For the first two weeks after bringing Merry & Molly home we didn't let them in the kitchen. The living-room and the hallway to upstairs was a large enough area for them. All that changed a week ago Sunday, when we opened it up to them to play and explore.

The kitchen is also where our budgies, Misfit and Moonie spend the day. We have decided the new additions will only be allowed in the kitchen when we are home and can be supervised. We have taken measures to ensure our budgies safety, installing a door between the kitchen and living-room area. We did notice quite quickly that the kittens only want to be in there when we are.  Everything was new and exciting in the new room!

First meal in the new room.
New places to sleep.
Watching their favorite nature channel, the cricket tank, wears them out.
Uncle Steve doing some kitty proofing.
"Don't worry Molly! I will kill the evil blue stuffy!"
"Get it Merry!"
"Die stuffy die!"
"I will destroy you!"
"Mission accomplished." Now she needs a nap.
So many adventures a head of us, like keeping them off the counters, off the table, and outta the cupboards!


Tammie said...

Good luck with all of that! ;)

Donna said...

Enjoy these blogs - keep them coming !!! Donna

Unknown said...

What an adventurous pair... lol Growing fast though!!