Thursday, July 9, 2015


Molly pointing out her new family.
We're well into week 2 with the kittens. Things are going well. I wish we had more time with them together, but being on different work shifts, it's impossible. Still, we are making the most of it, and they are only alone a few hours every day. We've set up routines around our different work shifts for their care and well being. Still kitty proofing to be done, be we make progress every day. They are two loving, playful kittens who are growing, learning and exploring more and more everyday. Their personalities are starting to take shape. To me, Molly is the more sensitive one, quiet, while Merry is high spirited. They certainly compliment and love each other, it's very apparent in how they interact with each other. We purchased a couple new things for them on Saturday to celebrate their first week with us. Please enjoy a few photos from week two.

Molly liked the new bed.
The play box was a big hit too.
Sleepy kitties.
Holding paws in their sleep.
Rob's shoe makes a good bed too.
Wanna play?
Merry liked the new bed too.
They like to play in it too.
Kittens are hard work, but worth it.


WendyCarole said...

They are gorgeous. Look forward to watching them grow :)

Donna said...

Enjoyed your blog Angie - thanks for sharing !