Thursday, June 30, 2016


Our waitress at Woodbine Racetrack arranged this.
I turned 47 on June 10th. My birthday fell on a Friday this year, so Rob and I both took the day off to make it a long weekend. We spent the afternoon at Woodbine Racetrack watching horse-racing. It was only our second time going, the first time we went was probably a decade ago, for Rob's work Xmas party one year. We had a good time then, so decided to go again. We made reservations for one of the dining rooms, and spent a leisurely afternoon watching races and enjoying the buffet. We did bet, but as newbies we didn't really know what we were doing, but the excitement when your horse is in the lead is awesome! We didn't leave with any extra money in our pockets, but we did have a lot of fun.

Enjoying the day together.
Giddy Up!
Rob's turn.
Cake at home later in the evening.
  The celebration didn't end Friday. On Saturday we went to friends to have a double celebration. My friend Andi's birthday is June 7th, so for the fourth year in a row, we enjoyed a lobster feast together. She cooks lobster better than anyone I know, and I look forward to this new birthday tradition more every year.

Dinner is served!
Happy Birthday!
The birthday girls!
 47 down, many more to go!

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