Monday, June 27, 2016


What a difference a year makes!
Today marks one year since we brought Merry & Molly home to join our family. Rob wrapped up the past year perfectly in his Facebook status this morning. "Insanity, chaos, destruction and a lot of sweet cavity making heart melting moments throughout."  We look forward to much more memory making with these two.

Our vet, the Royal York Animal Hospital, where we adopted Merry & Molly, sometimes post adoption update stories on their Facebook page, so I sent one last week. It was interesting to me to revisit that time last year, because I realized something after I had wrote it. Below is my letter.

In April of 2015, my husband, Rob and I had to say “goodbye” to our beloved 12 year old cat, Meadow, due to cancer. It was heartbreaking for both of us, and the thought of  getting another cat was far from our minds, thinking it would be years until we did so.

Not long after we lost Meadow, 2 little orphaned kittens were brought to the Royal York Animal Hospital at just days old. They needed round the clock care which staff members provided. I followed their story on RYAH’s Facebook page with interest, Tic & Toc were adorable. I wasn’t thinking at the time about adopting them, but then the day came in June that they went up for adoption. I had showed their picture to my husband earlier, and when they went up for adoption I let him know.

We were driving home from an appointment a day or two after they went up for adoption, and my husband asked me if I wanted to go see the kittens. We went and met them, I believe on a Monday. They were so small, so cute, and just little balls of love. We didn’t leave with them. We had a lot to discuss if we did decide to adopt them. We have budgies, and Meadow never paid any attention to them, but kittens? We had a lot to figure out to keep all of our animal family safe and happy if we decided to adopt them, but the seed was planted, I could not stop thinking about Tic and Toc.

I called the next day to see if they had been adopted yet, and if they had, I would have been happy that they went to good home together, but they were still available.  I called again the next day and Cheryl answered the phone. I took that as a good sign, as she had been an angel to us during Meadow’s illness and passing. We discussed us adopting Tic and Toc, and after a little phone conservation back and forth with Rob, we decided they were meant to be ours. We had already been discussing names, just in case, and had settled on Merry and Molly. It had to be an M name, and their names are characters in two of my favorite books; Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. I remember being elated when we made the decision to adopt them, and Saturday seemed like forever away instead of three nights. They came home with us on Saturday, June 27th.  

They have two very distinct personalities, Molly is passionate about everything she enjoys; food, sleeping and play. Merry is a bit more of a diva, and demands play time with her human parents. Merry is also “Daddy’s Girl”, and watching them together is precious. Molly is more a free spirit who is happy to see anyone who comes to the house. They still love each other and are often found cuddled up together sleeping. They are best buds, but enjoy their individual time  with us or alone to play as well.

They are indoor cats, but we recently introduced to them to the backyard, which they had enjoyed through the kitchen window the last few months. We have  a "Kittywalk" enclosure for them, and they seem to to enjoy being outside with us for short periods of time to watch the birds and squirrels that frequent our yard.  Some would say they are spoiled, I prefer to say they are well taken care of.

I want to personally thank the staff at RYAH for all the care given these two kittens when they needed it most. We haven't replaced Meadow, you can't replace a family member, but adding Merry and Molly to our lives has made our house feel like a home once again.
Angie & Rob

After writing this and reading it a couple times, it dawned on me, we needed them as much as they needed a home.

Click here for the video of them taking their first steps in their new home.

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