Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Merry & Molly's Kitty Walk
We weren't sure if Merry and Molly were going to join us in the backyard this summer. We know they are still too rambunctious for a leash and harness, and it wouldn't be very relaxing for us to be constantly chasing them. We didn't really want to build something permanent, as we didn't want them outside unsupervised anyway. The "Kitty Walk" system was the perfect solution. I saw a version of it on a friends Facebook page and inquired about it. I purchased one within the week!

On June 4th we set it up for the first time, and brought the kitties out. They were pretty nervous at first, not because of the enclosure really, but all the new noises and smells. They settled down after about a half hour of sniffing and pawing at it to watch the birds and squirrels. We purchased the 10 foot lawn version, and it's quite roomy for the two of them. We're sure they will get more use to it and being outside as the summer goes on, and we haven't given up hope that one year we will be able to take them out on a leash and harness. But this is perfect for now. They're safe, and so are the birds and squirrels.

Merry checking things out.
Molly at the other end.
Settled down to watch the pigeons.
I can't write this blog without mentioning Meadow. She was awesome outside. She took to her leash and harness like a fish to water. I'm proud to say she didn't kill one bird. She liked to chase the squirrels, but stopped when they did. She could of cared less about pigeons really, often ignoring them as they walked right by her. She would chase butterflies and chipmunks, but we never let her catch one. She was a joy to be outside with, and often made me laugh out loud. I think she used to get herself tangled up just so Rob would have to untangle her, and get a little more of his attention.

Merry and Molly may never be as good as Meadow outside, but we can hope.

Backyard Bliss for Meadow.
Enjoying the backyard.
Meadow loved being outside with us.

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