Saturday, December 16, 2017


2013, with a few of the Xmas cards received. 
I've always loved this time of year, and even as a little girl I enjoyed all the extra mail that came to the house in the form of "Christmas cards". My Mom taped them up around the house, and I have always felt that they were part of our Christmas decorations.

It was only natural to me that when I moved away from home I would carry on this yearly tradition. I've been told my card is usually one of the first ones received, that's because I always aim to have them ready to mail by December 1st. I enjoy sending them, and I love receiving them.

The last few years we've started getting one of Rob's photos made into a Christmas card, but I never seem to order enough. The mailing list made up of family, friends and even a couple social media acquaintances has grown close to 70! We receive cards from as far away as Scotland and England.

I had a friend tell me once that the Christmas card exchange was a dying tradition, not if I can help it!

Xmas Eve 2013
Every time I walk into the kitchen this time of year it's like receiving a greeting from friends and family.

First cards up 2017.
Want to exchange Xmas cards? Send me your address! Merry Christmas everyone!

Here is a link to a blog from 2013, about finding a very special Christmas card.

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