Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Me looking over the fence at some of the Donkeys. 
Rob and I were on vacation last week, and we finally made a trip to one of the places I've been wanting to visit since hearing about it a few years ago.

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada is a registered charity that provides homes for Donkeys and Mules, that for various reasons find themselves in need of a home. I'm still learning about the organization myself, and suggest visiting their website for detailed information.

They are home to close to a 100 Donkeys, and we visited during  one of their special "Christmas Days" openings. It was cold and windy that day, and I honestly didn't think many people would be there. Boy, was I wrong! The parking lot was over flowing, and the Donkeys had lots of people visiting them.

Follow the leader......

Rob making friends with Joey. (His name and birth year are on his collar) 

Coal is one good looking donkey!
   I knew before we visited that we would sponsor a donkey while there. I also knew that we'd "know" the donkey we should sponsor when we saw him or her. I was right, we did know when it happened, and it turned out not to be a donkey at all, but a lovely mule named "Petunia".

Meeting Petunia. 

Look at those lashes!

Petunia's story.  (Click to enlarge)
Rob with Petunia. I just love her ears!
We really enjoyed ourselves despite the cold and windy weather. If you haven't made a trip to visit this place, I highly suggest you do. It's good for the spirit to hang out with the donkeys, and we look forward to many return visits!

We received our sponsorship certificate in the mail this week. 

**Do you have a hard to buy for animal lover on your Xmas list? Why not sponsor a donkey in their name! And in the Spring they can go visit their donkey!**


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