Monday, December 4, 2017


Digging the hole for the Service Berry Tree.
Back in November we heard about an event taking place not far from our place. You could register with "Tree for Me" to get a free native species to plant in your own backyard. They offer a variety of trees, you could take up to 2 , and they even gave a short lecture on how to care for the tree of your choice.

We went online to register and pick our tree. The Service Berry Tree caught both our interests immediately, knowing that it produces berries for birds and wildlife. On November 18th we went to get our tree. I named her "Sally" on the drive home.

Not much to look at now.
Digging her new home.
In the ground!
Mulch donut they told us to do.
She won't produce berries next year, but the year after she should start. She's a hardy native tree that should do well in our backyard. Depending on how she does, we may get another for a different area of the backyard.

Below is a picture Rob took last June of a Cedar Waxwing in a Service Berry Tree at a park not far from our home.
The end result we are looking for.

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