Friday, November 2, 2018


This is what we woke up to Sunday morning on our trip.
My Dad arrived from Nova Scotia a week ago, at the start of mine and Rob's vacation. Saturday morning had us on the road to Gananoque aka 1000 Islands, for a couple nights to visit my Dad's youngest brother, Bob, and his wife, Debbie.

It had been four years since Rob and I had been over, and 3 years for my Dad, so a visit was long over due. It's enjoyable just to sit and listen to the brothers reminisce about days gone by. I made Seafood Chowder for everyone for supper on Saturday, and Uncle Bobby BBQ'd steaks on Sunday. Rob and I visited the Casino and made sure to get out for our nature walk on Sunday. (Blog to come about that) We were back on the road Monday morning for Toronto, as Dad was flying out Tuesday morning, a short but enjoyable visit.

Monday night was fun for me, as WWE's Monday night RAW was on, it may not of been the same wrestlers Dad use to watch when I was a kid, but he enjoyed it anyway. When I tell people I've been watching wrestling for over 40 years, it's no lie, and my Dad is the reason why. 

We drove Dad to the airport Tuesday morning, and then started getting prepared for Halloween the next day. 

Here are a few pics of our visit Uncle Bobby and Aunt Debbie.

Dad's pretty comfortable at his brothers. 
Relaxing in Bob's Bar....just ring for service! 
Cigar, Cigarette, Cigar, Cigarette....
It won't be three years before we visit again.
The brothers. 

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