Friday, December 7, 2018


Enjoying dinner at "The Watermark" in the Hilton Hotel. 
Just like the day we were married, our 6th anniversary fell on a Friday. Of course we decided to make it a long weekend, and we went to Niagara Falls for an over night. We always enjoy ourselves there and getting out of the regular routine is good for the spirits.

Our getaway started with a visit to Springridge Farms where we did a bit of Xmas shopping and had lunch. They close on December 24th and do not reopen until Easter 2019, so we needed to stock up on a few things.

Once we got down to Niagara Falls we took a drive around the top of  the gorge area before checking into our hotel. We were treated to some close deer sightings, 5 bucks and 2 doe.

One of the 5 bucks we saw.
    We stayed at the Fallsview Casino Resort for the first time. We had a spectacular view of both falls from our room.

Horrible cell phone shot of our gorgeous view. 
 Once we were checked-in we dumped our winter coats and did a bit of shopping in the resort. Picked up a couple more Xmas gifts, and few goodies for ourselves.

Christmas Tree in the lobby.
We had dinner at The Watermark Restaurant, which is on the top floor of the Hilton Hotel. It's a set price with many choices. Beautifully decorated with great views of the Falls. We were treated to a fireworks display taking place at Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino on the US side while we were having dinner.

I may of had one too many "Lemon Drop Martini's", so good! 
After dinner we went to the Casino. Rob and I have "rules" when we go. $50 each is our limit, and if we double our money, we stop. When we got there I immediately went to a $5 Elvis Slot machine, played two max bets, boom, my money was gone. I blame the martinis, I never play $5 slots. So, after that I went with Rob and watched him play a $1 slot, win some, lose some, and then he doubled his money, so he cashed out. We went to the bar for another drink. After that he gave me $20 to play the Wheel of Fortune slot. I lost that $20, and then put in $20 of my own, I was up $85 dollars, did I stop?! NO!! I played til it was all gone. Broke my own casino rules, lesson learned. But we had fun, and that's why we go. 

Saturday morning after a hearty breakfast we went for a walk at Dufferin Islands, before heading back to Toronto. We hand fed some Chickadees and got to see seven Hooded Mergansers, which was nice, as we don't see them often.

Male Hooded Meganser
Look at at me! Look at me!
Three males and a female with a choice.  
I may not have struck it rich in the casino but I did in the husband category.

NOTE: All non-wildlife photos were taken with my new cell phone, so they aren't great shots. I am still trying to figure out how to take pictures with it. 

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